Sunday, June 18, 2006

Celebrity Mix: Grade A


Celebrity Mix

David Hyde Pierce, Felicity Huffman, Jim Belushi, Laura Kightlinger, Lewis Black, Coolio, Amy Lippman, Others. An independent from tla releasing. It may be hard to find but Netflix has it.

This is a collection of eight short films by different teams. They have nothing in common except they are all very entertaining. They run from about 2 minutes to about 15 minutes. All are high production values – no grainy hand-held home movies here. All are well written, acted and directed. Most are very funny. David Hyde Pierce plays a Hollywood producer in the opening piece, which just parodies that character type. Laura Kightlinger, a prominent stand-up comic, appears as Cinderella in one film (Fairy tale women in a group counseling session led by Jim Belushi), and she wrote and directed and stars in another film of her own (as a temp worker in an anonymous corporate office). She is a real talent to watch in all categories. These are the up and coming film makers.

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