Wednesday, April 18, 2012

250 Recent Movies You Will Like If You See Film as Art

Here is a fine compendium of short reviews of 250 feature-length movies from 2011 to about 2004. The reviews are edited versions of posts on this blog over the years. A look at the count of movies I reviewed per year clearly shows that I am no longer able to find enough good movies that meet my criteria (below), and I really hate reviewing bad movies. Life is too short. So, I have collected the best of the best from the last few years into a single reference.

The movies chosen are artistic and thoughtful, which does not necessarily mean “serious.” There are plenty of humor, horror, romance, animation, musicals, documentaries, and kids’ movies. When I select movies to watch and review, I look for these two qualities:
A: Is it artistic? Is it good looking, well-executed, well-acted, well-crafted, or innovative? Does it advance the art form of movie making in some way? B: Is it thoughtful? A thoughtful movie has something to say, makes a comment on the world, offers insight into the human condition, challenges the status quo, puts a new twist on old idea, rethinks history, raises questions, highlights injustice, points out absurdity.

As regular readers know, my reviews are opinionated, but evidence-based, which means I give reasons for my opinions, so you can estimate for yourself if I am being fair and reasonable. Many of these movies are not mainstream box office hits, but if you appreciate film as an art form, you will find a lot to like.

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