Sunday, July 30, 2006

Second Best: Grade B


Second Best

Joe Pantoliano, Jennifer Tilly. Writer, Director=Eric Webber

JP plays a failed NYC editor, now an unpublished author and unemployed “loser” living in New Jersey. He hangs out with his buds at Cheers-like taverns and plays terrible golf at a muni while writing sardonic flyers that he staples to telephone poles, about the life of the loser. JT is his loopy (and married, of course) girl friend, also a loser. We get access to the flyers when he reads them to his gang and in voice-overs. They are witty, angry, and depressed rants about mindless living, pretension, and bad luck. Then his successful friend visits from Hollywood and his jealousy goes into overdrive. The acting and writing are first class. The photography does some interesting things with orange filters. But I just didn’t buy the premise of a natural “loser” personality. The solutions to his woes are obvious. Since I never related to him as a real character, the movie was like a mildly amusing stand-up comedy act. Above average though, worth watching.

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