Saturday, November 04, 2006

Looking for Kitty: Grade B


Looking for Kitty

Edward Burns, David Krumholtz. Writer, Director=Edward Burns

Burns plays a not-too-slick private eye in NYC who is hired to find DK’s missing wife. Turns out his wife wanted a divorce and left him because he is an unappreciative, narcissistic, baseball-obsessed bumpkin. In the course of the movie, DK realizes and accepts this. Burns, whose wife has died, comes to accept his loneliness and finally removes his wedding ring. The two men develop a friendship as they each become self-aware. Burns’ character is interested in old NYC buildings whose owners would not sell out to big developers. The implication is that both men are themselves holdouts, resisting change, clinging to the past. The movie is apparently set in modern times but no computers are shown; they drive a 70’s era beat up Ford, and only one clunky cell phone is shown briefly, so you get the feeling yourself of being a holdout against change. Dialog is sharp and witty, and the acting is first class all around, especially some of the quirky gestural moves. Music and photography are excellent. The characters and script are completely original and authentically human. I’m not sure why I don’t give it an A. Something is lacking. Is it too subtle? There is a story, but no plot, maybe that’s it.

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