Sunday, April 29, 2007

Does God Exist?: Grade B


Does God Exist?

Writer, director, producer, editor, cinematographer: Antoine Douchet. Actors Keith Eyles and John Rakham.

This zero-budget independent will be hard to find, but is worth looking for. It is shot in hand held video so although we don’t see him, we have the point of view of Victor, a French police officer documenting a serial killer investigation in England. The shaky picture can get tiring, but is generally well used and gives the tone of a reality show like “Cops.” The serial killer, who calls himself God, also carries a hand-held, so we look down the gun barrel as he pops at least a dozen people. There are allusions to “The Terminator” movies and some amusing penis acting you don’t see very often. The plentiful humor in this movie has the sensibility of a college student, so it surprising to learn that Douchet is 40 years old. The whole thing seems like a film school project, but rather than characterize it as amateurish, I would call it “ultra-new wave.” It breaks so many moviemaking traditions, I think it could define a future direction. Worth seeing.

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