Sunday, July 01, 2007

Shooter: Grade B


Shooter (2007)

Mark Wahlberg, Michael Peria, Danny Glover, Sara Fenn. Director Antoine Fuqua.

Wahlberg is an ex Marine sniper called out of retirement to advise the Secret Service (Danny Glover) how to protect the president from an assassination attempt. The first 30 minutes is a direct copy of one of the Rambo movies, as is much of the rest of the film. Wahlberg mumbles as badly as Stallone but without the charming accent. He is generally expressionless, but makes a few attempts at wise-cracking humor that don’t do anything for the character. The sniper technology is interesting, but not well-explained. Despite the sniper’s advice the assassination attempt occurs anyway and he is framed for it. A long, drawn-out chase ensues, with Wahlberg using his technical military knowledge to stay ahead and ultimately seek revenge on the government bad guys. Peria does a fine acting job as Wahlberg’s friend and helper despite a ridiculous part. Fenn succeeds as a pretty face and with a fine Kentucky accent. The plot has no loose ends as long as you are generous in suspending disbelief. Photography is noticeably good, music is stereotypically manipulative, and the mandatory explosions and car chases are what you would expect. The chase tension built into the plot is sufficient to keep you engaged for an enjoyable thrill.

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