Saturday, August 04, 2007

Hot Fuzz: Grade A


Hot Fuzz (2007)

Simon Pegg, Nick Frost. Co-writer and director Edgar Wright

This British send-up of cop buddy movies is literally a laugh a minute. The dialog is so witty you can hardly keep up. Excellent performances throughout, especially by Frost. The action sequences are first class and even the editing is humorous. Some of the themes from Shaun of the Dead (same star and director) are carried forward. This time it is grim-reaper-like hooded figures who do the gory (but funny) killings. Despite the dedication to laughs, there is also a serious subtext about small town social life. The set up before the hero gets to the small town where the action happens takes too long, and the multiple endings run on far too long. The DVD outtakes are a scream in themselves. A little editing would have made this an even better picture, but even so, it is worth watching more than once.

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