Monday, September 24, 2007

The Contractor: Grade F


The Contractor (2007)

Wesley Snipes, Eliza Bennet, Lena Heady; Director Josef Rusnak

Snipes is an ex-government hit man called out of retirement for one last job. Wow, what a novel premise for a movie! He kills the target but then the CIA wants to kill him as part of a coverup. I’m shocked! The action is set in London so closed circuit cameras peppering that city can be used by police to track Snipe’s movements. But fear not; Snipes has a flash drive filled with evidence of past CIA assassination orders as his “insurance” although how that would protect him is unclear. Snipes gets shot several times but proves remarkably resilient. Fortunately for him all the bad guys are incredibly incompetent. The evil CIA boss corners Snipes in a commercial kitchen (great place to hide), but only manages to shoot the large bowls of salad with his double barreled shotgun (standard CIA issue), blasting lettuce into the air but missing the pots of boiling soup. Great shooting! Snipes does befriend a child (Bennet) along the way who helps him map an escape route, and that is the only development of interest in this entire brain dead movie.

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