Monday, December 31, 2007

Who’s Your Caddy:Grade D

Who’s Your Caddy (2007)

Big Boi (Antwan Andre Patton), Tamala Jones, Jesper Parnevik; Co-Writer & Director: Don Michael Paul.

This Caddyshack ripoff makes me embarrassed for black people, not just because of the ethnic stereotype jokes but because it seems that as a culture, we have come farther than this. Patton is a zillionaire hip-hop star who manages to join an exclusive white golf and polo country club by buying the estate that owns the 17th green. Hilarity supposedly ensues as Patton and his entourage race around the course in their pimped out cart, “stickin’ it to the man.” Besides being utterly derivative and cliched, the story is nonexistent, acting amateur, and the humor emphasizes farts. The hip hop music is a bright spot however, and some of the jokes are so extremely stupid that they are actually funny. Why would I give this dog a passing grade? I believe there is a genuine attempt here, misguided though it is, to do something for race relations. For example, we see three fully naked black men (back side only) in a locker room when a white guy comes in. That scene is for whiteys to conceptualize the fact that black people are black all over. A silly idea, I know, but I think it is an attempt to “humanize” the black body for ignorant white folk. Also, you see good looking black people walking around a golf course in the fading afternoon light, talking. This is the kind of golden hour scene in which you do not normally see black people. It is an image that attempts to recontextualize blacks for white folks, and maybe some blacks as well. Maybe I read to much social intention into the movie, although Queen Latifah co-produced, and she is a serious person. So there is a chance that the target audience is anyone with an IQ below 100, black or white, who needs to reconsider race and human relations.

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