Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Independent: Grade C

The Independent (2007)
Jerry Stiller, Janeane Garofalo. Co-writer and Director Stephen Kessler.

This is a low budget mockumentary made in 2000, of a washed-up ‘B’ film maker (Stiller) who wants to make a comeback with a musical of the life of a serial killer. His daughter (Garofalo) reluctantly helps him get the film shown at a film festival but the only one he can get is in North Dakota, and he is the only featured director at the festival. Acting by both principals is strong and there are some very funny jokes and satirical scenes, but it is like a 5-minute comedy sketch padded out to 90 minutes. It is a lot of fun to see mock interviews with Ron Howard, Roger Corman, Peter Bogdanovich, Nick Cassavettes, in which they discuss the old director's work and personality. There is some insightful satire of the genre here, but it all gets old very quickly. Funny, but For Your Consideration is a better mockumentary, or try The Player, or even Mel Brooks’ 1968 The Producers.

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