Sunday, September 10, 2006

Friends with Money: Grade A

Friends with Money
Jennifer Aniston, Joan Cusack, Catherine Keener, Frances McDormand; Writer-Director Nicole Holofcener.
I’m giving a generous “A” because I love all these actors, even Aniston, who has persuaded me that she really knows what she’s doing. Her character is unlikely, a housecleaner who can’t get a date. What are the odds? But she does a fine job with the role. Her three girlfriends are rich. What are the odds? There is some hilarious satire of the wealthy that hits easy targets, but dead center. There is no real story, just girls having lunch together and being unintentionally funny. There is a funny bit with one of the women’s husbands being naively gay. Joan Cusack is just riveting; can’t get enough of her. McDormand breaks out of “Fargo” mode and does a great, original job. Keener is actually the weakest of the bunch, but still compelling. Very strong directing. Great sets. Great writing. Can’t remember any music.


  1. "Friends with Money"
    I've read your comments
    to the movie "Friends
    with Money" and fount,
    that you've awarded this
    film an "A", which is
    the same as its grade on
    the film scale is being
    excellent and that this
    movie is to be recommen-
    ded by you. I can't un-
    derstand, why you've
    put "and some not so good"
    in brackets, as there are
    divergent opinions and very
    personal, what is to be
    regarded as "good" or "bad".
    Anyway, I see it as profes-
    sional, that you've given
    just your personal, idio-
    syncratic comments on this
    film and formed an opionion
    of your approval or disapp-
    roval and comment on each
    movie according to grades
    of an opionion scalae "A",
    "B", "C", "D" and "F".
    By dividing into grades
    you make it easier to the
    reader deciding, if it's
    a "good" or "bad" film i.e.
    a movie recommended to be

    Reading your comments to
    the film "Friends with
    Money" I've formed an
    opinion, that it's a kind
    of comedy. But, even if
    it's a comedy I feel sorry
    for the housecleaner, who
    can't get a date.

    Personally, I think it's
    positive that you're
    critical thinking, when
    informing, that "there is
    some hilarious satire of
    the walthy, that hits easy
    targets, but dead centre".
    What might have done this
    film "bad" is, that there
    is no music and no real
    story, just three girls
    having fun, when lunching
    together. There is also
    a funny part of the film,
    when one of the women's
    husbands figuring as being

    I like, that you make the
    actors alive by giving them
    names and by informing about
    their film characters. By
    doing this the film become
    more interesting to the
    reader of your essäy.
    September 16, 2006
    Gunilla Jornert

  2. Your assessment is correct, Gunilla. My reviews are idiosyncratic. Is there any other way to review a movie? At least I try to give reasons for my opinions. The grade is subjective, of course. The purpose of the blog is that if you have seen some of these movies and agree with my opinion, then you might find other movies that you would like, from my reviews.