Monday, September 25, 2006

Plan B: Grade D


Plan B

Diane Keaton, Paul Sorvino. Director Greg Yaitanes

Keaton works as a secretary for Mob boss Sorvino. He gets captured by a rival gang and she discharges the gun she was holding, killing all the bad guys. Sorvino is impressed and makes her his main assassin. She figures out a way to deceive him. That’s the story, a wasted opportunity. In an early scene she takes a brown hat from a guy and wears it, improbably, for the whole rest of the movie to make her look like Annie Hall. Who voted for that? She grins and mumbles the slapstick anxiety she learned from Woody. Sorvino and the other mobsters have some good lines, but the characters are uninteresting stereotypes. The whole thing is only mildly amusing, not well-made (her New York Cadillac has Florida plates), and basically pointless. Diane Keaton is a fine actor and this is way beneath her, so I have to believe she did it as a favor for somebody.

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