Monday, September 08, 2008

The Legend of God's Gun: Grade B

The Legend of God’s Gun (2007)
Robert Bones, Kirkpatrick Thomas. Co-writer, cinematographer & director Mike Bruce.

This stunning homage to the spaghetti westerns is gorgeous to look at and a fine example of postmodern filmmaking. Gritty handheld western sequences are solarized and colorized with abandon. Costumes and sets are terrific. Photography is very appealing. The attractive, original and attention grabbing music is mostly in the spaghetti style, but sometimes diverges in creative ways. Directing captures Leone’s and Eastwood’s look beautifully, although with a strong ironic sense of humor. Sound engineering is likewise on target, but ironically over the top. Camera work is a pleasure. And that’s it. There is no story, just a couple of half-hearted goofy ideas. There is no character development (actually few clearly identifiable characters), no obvious script, and very little dialog. What dialog there is, often is anachronistically inappropriate or heavily ironic, and often the sound is out of sync with the lips, as it often was in the Italian originals. This is just a series of western scenes, cowboys on the dusty trail, gunfights, bar fights, closeups of sweaty, cigar-chomping faces. Acting is beyond bad. It had to be ironic acting to be that bad. In a sense, this film is a tragic near-miss. With a story and a few characters it could have been an important homage film, but what it lacks in traditional structure, this youthfully exuberant, zero-budget adventure balances with dazzling color, flair, and style.


  1. Where did you find this!? I'm currently without NetFlix and my choices are determined by the Blockbuster and Hollywood Video that supplies their movies based on the college student population...which means 150 copies of Saw IV, and 2 copies of...well, anything worth watching.

    But this movie sounds fantastic.

  2. I realize the imagery has stayed with me for several days. It was a very enjoyable film . I am very fortunate to have a well-stocked independent video store in my neighborhood and that's probably the main reason for this blog. I weep with despair when I go to a Blockbuster. Anyway, you can get this movie on Amazon used for $14. That's the price of your ticket. The DVD extras are also quite good on this.

  3. Hey Bill, I couldn't see a place to leave a comment on your most recent review about The Fall. I loved that movie. It's my favorite movie so far this year. I saw it at a local arthouse theater a few months ago and couldn't wait for it to come out on DVD. I've watched it twice since last Tuesday. I completely agree with your review. Here's my review.