Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Watching the Detectives: Grade F

Watching the Detectives (2008)
Cillian Murphy, Lucy Liu. Writer-Director Paul Soter.

Murphy and Liu are easy on the eyes, but that’s about all this brain-dead romantic comedy has going for it. Writing and directing are abominable. Murphy owns “Gumshoe Video” which rents only VHS tapes. His stereotypically geeky friends argue about plots and characters in old b&w detective movies. Hilarious. Liu appears out of nowhere for no reason, acting cute. Inexplicably, Soter tried to make her look and act like she was 13 years old. Actually she is 40, and while still drop-dead gorgeous, it is insane to have an actor of this quality giggling around in short skirts, knee socks and tennies. Her character is an ADHD nutcase who revels in practical jokes, but the directing is so bad that she is obviously lost, her considerable acting talent wasted in a stream of meaningless scenes. Murphy’s character seems like a sensible guy but claims to be attracted to her despite her pathological behavior. He also does not know where to go with this script. Nothing happens. I am a big Lucy Liu fan, but this project is irredeemable.

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  1. Cillian Murphy! What was he thinking? He's usually so on the ball.